Nicola Nemec Artist


Her paintings convey her intimate knowledge of, and relationship with the shifting climate, light and atmosphere of the harbours, boglands and mountains of her environment. She continually explores the contrast between the distinctive man made and natural forms within the landscape.   Born in Belfast in 1972, she has exhibited extensively across England and Northern Ireland with regular solo exhibitions in London.


Graphic Artist and Photographer


Art  works as a commercial photographer and graphic artist covering a wide range of subjects for tourism, editorial, fashion, architecture, landscape and portraiture. His work has  been included in several public art projects, book publications and international exhibitions.  His personal work and expression is focused on the figurative both in the landscape and studio. Working  in monochrome, colour and montage they provide a unique sculptural expression of the figurative.


Tom Stephenson   Thomas Joseph   Painter


Tom is widely known for his whimsical and humourist  paintings of sheep which have found their way all over the world.  A unique creation of his imagination.   Tom also paints other subject matter including landscapes and works from The Garden Art Gallery which you can find in  Carrickfergus Courtyard.





James Battersby, an artist from Antrim, Northern Ireland, felt a passion for art at an early age and it was this passion that drove him onwards to create the vibrant cartoon style artworks he is known for today. From postcards to children's books, his illustrations have  inspired people from Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Spain, the United States of America, and many other places. He continues to produce artwork for projects both personal and commercial.