Ceramic Artist


My work centres on the potters wheel. Traditional eastern forms inspire me, but spontaneity as a means of personal expression is key to my work.  The exuberant action of throwing is enhanced by a continued experimentation through process, form and colour. Mark making is intuitive, sometimes relating to the form, or process of making, sometimes it’s part of a personal narrative.


Wood Artist and Craftsman


I offer bespoke furniture and accessories for home and garden as well as smaller defined items for visitors to take home as authentic local wood craft.  I work with reclaimed timbers when good quality examples of these become available, and with fresh timber from sustainably managed forestry, where verifiable.  My design and construction ethos is pretty straightforward – I aim for simple, well-proportioned and fit-for-purpose design, enlivened by discrete detailing, which is realised through appropriate materials choices and sturdy construction.



One of the top picture framers in Ireland. Rosaleen  has well over 25 years in the industry.  Having learned the trade in her father's art gallery - Belfast's Emer Gallery, once among the top galleries in Belfast and among the longest established galleries in the city before closing for retirement a few years ago. She provides a very high quality service of framing for both original works or art, family photographs and stunning landscapes.