If your thinking about renewable energy then check out Planet Solar, a genuine and caring business aimed at providing the best quality and return for your investment in solar energy. the only company in Northern Ireland to:  Offer a 30 year performance warranty, guaranteed by REW Solar AG. Design and install one of the top 3 performing modules available. Produce all-black systems that harmonise with your roof designed, installed as standard. The only solar company in N. Ireland that subsidises the cost of a solar lantern to Africa  EVERYTIME we install a solar system.



Roonivoolin Naturals developed a 100% natural seaweed skin lotion called Caraderm.  Our seaweed is sustainably hand harvested from the beautiful clean seawaters off the North Coast of County Antrim and Rathlin Island.   The healing benefits of seaweed are abundant and used topically Caraderm may help soothe skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rashes and sunburn.  It soothes red, itchy inflamed skin and has been beneficial following tattoos and waxing.


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